We are an Authorized Distributor of NBC-make Ball and Roller Bearings manufactured by National Engineering Industries Limited (C.K. Birla Group), Jaipur.

NEIL is the Oldest Indigenous Bearing Manufacturer in India manufacturing widest range of 2.2 million bearings per month ranging from 6 mm I.D. to 1300 mm OD & have the capacity to manufacture upto 2000 mm OD. NEIL is manufacturing almost all types of bearing: Ball, Roller, Taper Roller, Spherical Roller, Thrust Bearings etc.

NBC is an approved make in Original Equipment Manufacturer - BHEL for XRP 763, 783, 803, 883, 943, 1003, HP 803 and 1103 Mills.

‘Deming Certified’ company, National Engineering Industries Limited (NEIL) has recently won “Grand Deming Award” which itself speaks about quality of our bearings including Design.

NBC is an indigenous make. While procuring NBC bearings you save huge foreign currency that supports the vision of our Honorable Prime Minster.

NBC bearings are exported to the following countries: USA, Germany, Japan, Italy, Singapore, Argentina, Guatemala, Brazil, Guyana, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, Kenya, Australia, Peru, UAE, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Malaysia, Nepal, Bhutan, Turkey, Canada, Colombia and Mexico.

We keep huge inventory of bearings to serve the customers. In case of imported bearings there is lots of customer formality and minimum quantity shipment which causes huge delay in supply of bearing to your plant.

We are confident that if you consider NBC bearings in your tenders, your organization will save upto 50% without any compromise with quality.

Some of the Prestigious customer's of NBC