RAR make Plummer Block, Bearing Sleeve, Nut, Washer etc to different power plants are manufactured at Howrah under our technical super vision.

We are mainly interested in Plummer Blocks of Crusher, Boom Head Pulley, Seal Air Fan Bearing Housing, Misc Housings of CHP and other critical applications. We have executed various orders of Bearing Accessories to different power plants successfully

Besides standard Plummer Block, Sleeve we manufacture special Housings as per drawing, specification or against sample.

Made under our Technical supervision.

RAR is an indigenous make. While procuring RAR  you save huge foreign currency that supports the vision of our Honorable Prime Minster.

We have developed special housing and specialized in housing of power plant.

We keep huge inventory of bearings to serve the customers. In case of imported bearings there is lots of customer formality and minimum quantity shipment which causes huge delay in supply of bearing to your plant.

Our Prices are very competitive than other imported brands.

Some of the Prestigious customer’s of RAR